11 Ideas for at Home Halloween Fun

With Halloween a week away, I started to stress about how we would make this holiday special for the kids. We are not comfortable doing our traditional drive to Kaimuki to Trick-or-Treat. So what do we do? How do we celebrate? I figured if I'm asking these questions, you must be too.

We crowd-sourced our IG friends to see what everyone else is doing. Here is what they had to say.

Halloween 2020 Ideas:

  1. Halloween egg hunt at home - @imchet
  2. Wait until Halloween to carve our pumpkin - @tiaralyn
  3. Make a haunted room at home for the kids to walk through with goodie bags - @tina_marie808
  4. Still dress up. Hide candy in the yard for older kids and use glow sticks to find treats at night - @cldavis808
  5. Stay inside, turn off the lights and watch TV and enjoy family time - @_midnight_creations_
  6. Dress up and pizza party with family - @jd_w023
  7. Repurposed toys/household items to create a Halloween carnival. Play games, win candy - @vu_julietran
  8. Halloween egg hunt in the dark with black light flashlights. Halloween themed food - @jayekayy
  9. Decorate cookies from @acakelife and watch Halloween movie - @purple_859
  10. Wear costumes at home, carve pumpkins, bake Halloween treats and watch Hocus Pocus - @imta808
  11. ‘Ohana camping - @lolaandelia808

If you have any ideas to share, please DM us on our IG page. We will add it to this list.

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