I remember being pregnant with Izzy and walking into Babies R Us for the first time and hyperventilating because I was so overwhelmed. The amount of gadgets and contraptions that you are told you needed, well the list was endless. I remember asking a friend of mine why I would need a baby wipe warmer, being that we live in Hawaii. I quickly learned I could live without a great amount of gadgets. But there are those key items every mamma needs.

At the top of that list are what I call burpies. Just like the name implies you use them when burping baby. In the first few months I went through about 2-3 a day. It was a staple on my shoulder. Constantly asking, "where is the burpie"? ME + U provides superior quality burpies with the added plus of adorable designs for any chic mom to be seen with. These are handmade in Hawaii by a mom entrepreneur who love sewing, crafting and supporting local shops and local communities.

When ever we go to the mall or grocery store I always have a toy or 5 to entertain Luke while we shop. I learned really quickly his favorite game was fetch. These toy clips are a must. It keeps the toys in the stroller and me sane. They wrap nicely around the toy and clip to his shirt or stroller. Made by Hiilani a Baby Story another mamma entreprenuer handmaking items with love in Hawaii. These also have matching burpies and bibs.

Last on my short list are books. From an early age for both Izzy and Luke we read to them every night before bedtime. Its our nightly routine. We say good night the family, pick out a book, read, turn out the lights and go to bed. It's a nice way to calm them down before turning out the lights. We found Baby Lit books that take the classic stories like Jungle Book and make them kid friendly with bright colors, pictures and words. Its a nice introduction into the world of literature.